This coaching planner is written for coaches with varying levels of knowledge, experience and qualification who are nurturing child football players within the U5-12s age range. These are the critical years for shaping a child's successful participation in football.

The speed and capacity for pre-adolescent players to learn are high and the gains in performance and understanding the most dramatic. It is essential that children receive coaching that considers the developmental stage of each child and that coaches focus on individuals before the team.

Players of this age should be competent in basic football skills, e.g. dribbling, turning, creating space and passing, understand the essentials of attacking and defending, be able to perform fundamental movement skills, such as running, jogging, jumping, skipping, throwing and catching, before graduating to the full size game.

Unfortunately, the grassroots community has not evolved with the growth of the sport and very few clubs have adopted a ‘true’ player development approach.

In this planner we guide our coaches to accept ideas supported by research and practical application. This is truly a program of learning – where every coach and child, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to improve. The learning environment will be ‘informed’, and activities and sessions connected to competencies.


We will truly support all our coaches in their journey. We welcome feedback and wish to hear about your experiences. Please join our 'Blog' community to ask questions and share your thoughts, opinions & ideas with our group.