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U9s Eagles vs Radcliffe Borough Juniors Sharks (H) - 22nd Oct 2022

Not the greatest start, but improved 2nd half.

Match Report

Wasnt the greatest start, going down 0-3 down in the first half, but at half time the boys were asked what they could do better and they all said "defend better" so I set them this as a challenge, to give the opposing team less than 1/2 seconds on the ball to win it back and the 6 players whom were available did well to get the game back to 3-3 in the second half.

Archie started the come back with a brilliant individual goal, dribbling past every player on the opposing team to put the ball into the back of the net, and Taylor chipped in with a debut goal and Charlie Taylor also capped his man of the match with a goal. 


Charlie "George" Taylor getting man of the match, capping a good training session last week with overall better "team play" and looking up, finding his team mates with some good passing, but overall his decision making clearly improving, when to pass and when to dribble.

Unfortunately the boys couldnt hang on in the 2nd half without conceding but that was down to having no subs and playing 6v6 and being goosed, the other team did have a sub to enable them to recover and recuperate.

If we can bring the 2nd half into the start of the next match, I`m confident that we can build upon this.


Those who were available, massive well done - its not easy playing for 50 minutes with no subs but the 2nd half was a step in the right direction,


Jack, Teddy and Charlie Betts all doing well at the back to make sure the opposing team only scored one goal in the 2nd half.

I`ll see everyone on Tuesday, if everyone can be ready to start training at the pitch at 6pm so we can start on time - thanks.

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