We're grateful for the support of our partners, who make a vital contribution to our club



Professional Club Partner

We are proud to be the official grassroots partner club of      Rochdale AFC.

Our partnership is a real & meaningful one. A relationship that has been built up over years.

We share a common goal - developing football in the local area.

Together, we have a superb potential pathway for a young player to join a professional club academy in the top 3 of 92 professional league clubs for progressing talent to the first team.


Individual / Small Group Coaching Specialists

AJ 1-2-1 Coaching offer a professional service in an un-pressurised environment, making it a perfect atmosphere for the player to grow in confidence and skill! 

With every session, they take huge pride in making it as beneficial and fulfilling as possible for the player! Since going full time, their growth has been phenomonal.

This is testament to their passion, professionalism, skill & fast growing expertise in this area. They have had & continue to have a huge positive influence in our Club.


Goalkeeping Specialist

It's very rare to come across someone who prioritises attention to detail, has excellent coaching skills - getting the best out of everyone regardless of ability & is able to positively impact all those in his sessions.

Paul has all these qualities & then some, which is why he is widely known as the very best goalkeeping coach in our region.

He has made a huge positive impact on our club, not only to the goalkeepers he coaches, but also to those who have taken up an interest in goalkeeping because of him being with us.


First Kicks Academy offers 2 to 6 year old children within the Rochdale, Oldham & District area, a fun, enjoyable, stress-free introduction to the game of football.

There are three classes tailored specifically to meet the needs of children between 2-6 years old.

FKA curriculum is designed to first introduce the fun, and thus the motivation, then add challenges. The ultimate goal is to ignite a passion that will last a lifetime!...