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Welcome to our Coaches Corner section of the Milnrow Juniors FC website.

We have at present, over 20 qualified coaches within the club with a similar amount currently working towards a qualification. We feel it is important that we are able to offer our support by providing them with useful coaching ideas, techniques and systems, which we hope will enable them to advance as coaches, as they work hard in the development of the young people in our local community.

The aim of this section of the website is to focus on posting on a variety of topics, which the coaches will be able to read, experiment with during their teams training sessions and discuss with other coaches.

Coaching can be daunting and I'm certain that when everyone first started, they would not have believed that they would be able to deliver a detailed training session to a group of very young players. It does take time, but we have lots of it! and we want to help make that coaching journey quicker, easier and hugely enjoyable for all our team.


The key ingredient for good coaches, at all levels, is to be open minded and not to believe that they have all of the answers.

As coaches we are all dedicated in what we do but are very small fish, in a very big pond. We shouldn’t let that put us off though. Constant researching and real life experiences may not fundamentally change us as coaches but it will broaden our outlook and knowledge.

Maintaining an open minded approach to coaching is very important in the ethos of our club and we feel that this section of our site will be a place where we can all share our knowledge, our ideas, our different styles and of course our experiences.


It maybe that one of us has hit a brick wall in our coaching sessions and finds an that idea posted on the `Blog` provides the solution. Every coach has their own `style` or `approach` and as long as its effective and works for the team then that’s fine. However one of us might just be looking for a new `style` or a new `approach` and by us sharing our ideas, they might able to find just what they are looking for.

By being open minded, we can collectively try to find the answers.

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