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We're proud to support the great work of our partners, whose causes are aligned with our passions.


The National Autistic Society transform lives, changes attitudes & provides vital support for autistic people & their families.

Autism is a lifelong disability which affects how people communicate with others & the world around.

A number of our players, parents, coaches & club officials have been "touched" by this unique, often misunderstood area, so supporting this great charity in their work is something that has happened very naturally within our club.

Our first annual fund raising event during World Autism Week, was held WC 1st April 2019, with our club community raising a superb £1260 for this amazing cause.


Reuse Littleborough strive to provide much needed child essentials to families in need, both locally and in the third world.

They aim to stop the dumping of good quality children’s shoes, toys and other nursery items and reuse them to make a positive difference to some families lives.

They bring together local community groups of all ages, working together to achieve collective aims.

It's a great cause & one our club is proud to support. We will supply previously worn but good condition kits, boots & sportswear to Reuse Littleborough, knowing they will find a good home.

Charity Partnerships: Our Team
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