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U9s Sharks vs Radcliffe Town AFC Reds - 7th Jan 2023

Super Proud!

Super proud of the performance today……we lost but at 1-1 we were starting to control the game and we created some good chances.

We went 1-0 down in the first minute but from that point played well, with Tyler Clough scoring a great solo goal and Albie Rowe making two great saves to keep the game level at half time.

I still can’t understand why our goal was disallowed just after half time and if we go 2-1 up it’s a different game.

We took a goal kick, passed it out to the left, knocked it through on goal and Tyler Clough finished it for 2-1. The referee allowed play to continue then disallowed the goal as he wasn’t ready from the goal kick!?!

Radcliffe literally scored straight from our re-taken goal kick, a quick third and before you know it we are 3-1 down.

Credit to our boys that they stuck in for each other and scored another goal

Proud the team carried on battling and sticking up for each other, well done Tyler and Adam on two really good goals and well done to Albie for some fantastic saves and a M.O.T.M performance to keep us competitive in the game.

I never thought I’d be annoyed or feel hard done by at U9’s football but it felt like the referee was biased today and contributed to the end result.

To end on a positive, that was the best we have played as a team, since we started and I couldn’t be prouder of all of them this morning. I could have easily give any of them the M.O.T.M trophy.

See you all at training Wednesday, next week WE GO AGAIN…..

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