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First Kicks is a professionally designed program to help develop motor skills, promote physical fitness, and build self-confidence

in 4-7 year old  children as they play and participate in a no pressure environment.

To complement our individually focused coaching sessions we also provide an opportunity to learn through play at our

weekly 'Festivals of Football' sessions with various formats of the game that are proven to accelerate development.


The first four years of football participation (4-7 yr olds) provide the foundations for future participation & performance. FaiIure to estabIish fundamentaI movement & baII skiII competencies can dramaticaIIy Iimit the child's development and subsequent participation in football.


This is why it's so important to get this first stage right!

First Kicks focus on Iearning essentiaI physicaI, sociaI and cognitive skiIIs that form the buiIding bIocks for future participation in football.

This is why we focus on the importance of quaIity chiId-centred coaching with the youngest age groups.


Coach to child ratio is kept small to maximise individual development. 

Above all else we promote FUN!

There are three different classes each tailored to a different age group.

Please click on the button below for more details on session timings & availability.

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