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Festivals of Football

Milnrow Juniors tournaments provide all those who take part with everlasting memories. The excitement generated by playing lots of games against similarly matched opposition on the same day, with trophies to play for, ensures a great experience is had by all.

Our tournaments are designed to complement a team's existing league commitments, providing additional ability specific football, with an exciting twist!

We cater for U7-U12s teams of all abilities and ensure they have a great experience. Each tournament providies a minimum of 48 mins playing time. with a quick turnaround time between games.

To maximise enjoyment and development for all teams, we believe it is vitally important that they are playing against others of similar ability, which is why we have introduced "Blue", "Red", "White"and "Yellow" Ribbon events to our  tournament schedule.

The best junior leagues already adopt a similar ability specific theme into their league programs, but it is something that is rarely seen in one day trophy festivals, which generally attract only the strongest teams. We provide a unique chance for Clubs/Teams to experience the thrill that a tournament provides, with the safety of knowing that  they will be amongst others of similar levels of ability.

How does it work?...

Before entering the tournament, managers are asked to indicate the current ability levels of their team...Advanced (Blue Ribbon), Intermediate (Red Ribbon), Recreational (White Ribbon) or Beginner (Yellow Ribbon). We appreciate this isn't a simple task, so have introduced the following guidelines to assist:

Blue Ribbon.png
Red Ribbon.png
White Ribbon.png
Yellow Ribbon.png

N.B. U9s Upwards - No players of your team should be registered or play for academy teams.  This will be deemed as cheating and your team will be excluded from the competition. 
All teams to bring your teams I.D. Cards OR Personal Player I.D. for inspection on the day.