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Season 2 - Join us!
Beginning Sat 2nd Dec 2023

After a superb 1st season, in which Matt Doherty scooped the £240 prize, picking an amazing 13 winners in a row, we’re kicking off Season 2 on

Saturday 2nd Dec. Be a part of the fun & join us -  The more players, the bigger the prize!

Quick Rules


Each week you pick ONE team to win their match. If they win, you are through to the next round to pick again. If they lose or draw, you are out. What's makes Last Man Standing interesting is you cannot pick the same team twice, so it's all about strategy!


To enter please just complete the form below. You will then be added to a "LMS' Whatsapp group with all other players. The cost to enter is £10.  The last man standing takes the jackpot! 50% of the total pot goes to the winner. 50% goes to the club, with funds to be used for the purposes of replacing and upgrading equipment.


People make their picks through the dedicated Whatsapp group, which tracks and runs the whole competition. We'll send out weekly reminders so people don't forget to make their picks. So you can sit back, relax, and get thinking about how you can be the last man standing...

I'd like to play!

Thanks for submitting! We will be contacted you within 24 hrs

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