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U8s Vipers vs Radcliffe Juniors Phoenix (A)- 25th Mar 2023

Privaleged to coach this team!

Match Report

Radcliffe Juniors U8 Phoenix 2-6 Milnrow Juniors U8 Vipers
4 Aro, 1 Harris, 1 Lucjan

It's a privilege to see our boys improving as a team like this.


Great match,  fought by both teams, but we controlled the match pretty much from the beginning until the end.


Izaak, Danial, and William could be closer to the opposition goal, but the number of balls they recover in the centre of the pitch is just amazing 👏 the intensity they put in this match shows so much improvement.


Harris, Lucjan, and Aro do the full pitch like they have wings, Lucjan was with is foot on fire, and Aro always in the right place, was unplayable today, he had 2 or 3 at same time marking him but he couldn't care less 😅 and Harris beside that great free kick, he was everywhere great assisting and recovery the ball at speed, Nathan is improving putting so much effort and improving so much in goal🥹 and in the last 10min he didn't let Harris touch the ball in goal cleaning the defence like a grown-up.


Our MOM was Aro

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-25 at 5.36.24 PM.jpeg
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