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U9s Eagles vs Cheetham Hill Yellows (H)

Football can be cruel at times

Match Report

Milnrow Eagles U9 V Cheetham Hill Juniors FC U9 Yellow (cup semi final)

As the players grow up, they will soon learn that football is often cruel - often in cup matches this is felt and the feeling is enhanced - and today is one such example, conceding a goal at 0-0 with 30 seconds left in a cup semi final is heart breaking for the players.

Bar a 10 minute spell in the 2nd half, Eagles were the better team on the pitch, playing the better football from the back (including Charlie in goals) to the players who were getting the ball forward. Each player had individual instructions that they all carried out well and worked well last time we played this team (we ended up scoring 5 when we last played them) but today we struggled to work their keeper and get the ball on target - it happens to the best of them.

I said at the end, we often learn more in defeat than in success and todays take away is that we win and we lose as a team and we need to as a team try and stay switched on from the start of the match to the end.

However there are positives, especially how we started the match, normally and typically we have been slow starters but today every player was "on it" from the Kick-off for the majority of the match and even in the dying seconds we were getting the ball forward by playing without fear and beating the player in front of us - unfortunately we just ran out of time.

Parents Man of the match - Teddy. Absolutely outstanding today, brave and going shoulder to shoulder with some players twice his size, but also the weight of his passing has improved 100%.
Carried out his team instructions from the start to the letter.

Referees Man of the match - Curtis. Looks like hes been part of the team for a while such is how quickly hes fitted in within the team. Confident beating his player in front of him will skills and trickery but also quick to win the ball back.

Thanks to Ben for refereeing and also to Mel for her help from the sides, and thanks to those who setup the goals and packed up.

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