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U9s Lions vs Chadderton - 23rd Apr 2023

It's all a learning curve

Match Report

Lions v Chadderton U9s.


A depleted squad today , no subs , one player still carrying an injury . So we mixed it up , changed our formation to 2 at the back 4 up front and let a few lads play out of position for a change.


We lost 4-0 which was a bit harsh as it was a close game .


So many good points , a couple of the lads really stepped it up and showed real character and will to win . 


Bad points , we couldn’t finish a sentence 🤦.

Some of the lads a bit upset at losing but they need to learn how to lose gracefully just as they do winning . It’s all a learning curve.

We move on to next week.

MOTM Grayson for some good saves and for being a real leader at the back.


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-23 at 3.27.52 PM.jpeg
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