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U9s Eagles vs Radcliffe Town Blues (H) - 25th Feb 2023

Double hat trick for Taylor ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Match Report

Some positives to take away from today in a one sided game for us today v Radcliffe Town Blues.

Milnrow u9 Eagles press from Radcliffe Towns goal kick was much improved, the training session over the past couple of weeks clearly helping. Also the players playing in defence were encouraged to start a bit further up the field especially from our goal kicks.

A few players got to experience different positions than normal which is another positive.

That said - it was a missed opportunity to try and move the ball amongst the team and “build up play”, as opposed to just pressing and going for goal, however I take responsibility for this and not spotting the opportunity earlier and encouraging it more.

Taylor scoring 6 goals, James getting one goal.


Personally (for me) one of the the best goals was following an assist from Charlie Betts after wining the ball back, Charlie looking up and spotting Taylor in space and putting Taylor through goal with a diagonal through ball.

Overall a much better performance than last weeks first half though, with the energy levels to win the ball back much improved. The challenge for the boys is to bring that to next weeks match.

Taylor man of the match with 6 goals.

See you all at training on Tuesday.

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